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Pro Cafein 20x2ml

SKU ITP-8437-474


Caffeine is an ally in the cosmetic improvement of areas prone to fat accumulation, such as hips or abdomen and others.

dipose tissue or more commonly known as fat tissue is inherent to everyone, however, given various factors such as sex, diet and age it the body coudl accumulate more or less fat. Its active ingredient, the caffeine (with the concentrations used within IT Pharma’s formula) blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase which is responsible of AMP-c destruction, which is a chemical mediator presents during the triglycerides rupture.

This way, we increase the time the AMP-c is present, so its action generating a lipolytic effect that dramatically reduces the fat spots, then we can appreaciate a smoothed skin without “holes”.

Aqua, Propylen Glycol, Caffeine.

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