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Pro Cumarin 20x2ml

SKU ITP-8437-481

Cumarin 2ml x 20


Peripheric micro-circulation and skin look booster solution.

This cosmetic is based on diverse active ingredients that provide a restructuring effect over the skin, due to the improvement of the peripheral micro-circulation. The formula is rich in precious natural active ingredients and vegetables extracts that provide a deep-down action at different epidermis layers.

Rutin and Melilotus Officinalis Extract are bioflavonoids classified as Vitamin P, that act as toning, skin conditioning, and micro-circulation enhancer. All of these properties make you feel a refreshing and repairing sensation, you will look even more beautiful. Centella Asiatica has pentacyclic components and triterpene derivatives of which action stimulate the fibroblasts that way improving the tone, look and smoothness of the skin.

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