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Pro InbioZyme 5x gevriesdroogd

SKU ITP-8437-214

The lyophilized bio-active enzymes are stored in autoclaved vials and are reconstituted at the time of application. At each treatment session, the entire contents of each vial or ampoule should be used. The enzymes – lipase or hyaluronidase – can be applied either individually or in combination. Once activated, they are applied to the dermal tissue in the form of micro-drops so that they can act immediately.

As appropriate, a weekly or fortnightly session can be recommended. It is an effective treatment with visible results after two weeks. In the double chin area, given that this is highly vascularised and sensitive, some bruising and swelling may persist, but this will disappear in a few days. In the case of cellulite, localised fat deposits and stretch marks, this treatment can be combined with electromedical technologies

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